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Hard to Forgive

The company I work for offers me the opportunity of a lifetime. The downside? It's in a place I swore I would never step foot in again.
Dayton is where I met Cooper. Where I fell in love with him. And where he broke my heart.
If I never see him again, it will be too soon.
But I can't turn this job down.
When I return to Dayton, I do everything in my power to avoid the man I hate for breaking my heart.  
Fate has other plans for us.
When we wind up working together, the connection we once shared is still there. As much as I want to hate him, his smile and boyish charm threatens to draw me right back in.
Even though I find it hard to forgive him, the more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny this thing between us.

Hard to Forgive: Welcome
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